Interview with Actress & Model Rosabelle Iyafokhai

Edward Anthony
4 min readJan 12, 2018


A special thanks to Ms. Iyafokhai for sharing her thoughts, insights, and what’s next for her moving forward in her career. From 11/17/2017.

Batini Arts is proud to announce its first international interview. From the Motherland, I introduce Nollywood actress and model, Rosabelle Iyafokhai.

EA: How did you get started in Nollywood?

RI: Always wanted to be in the big screen, so in the university I took some elective courses in Theatre Arts, And I knew for sure what I wanted after school, started out with modeling, I was Miss Face of Culture Edo State 2008, and during the competition I met a couple of directors who came from Nollywood to watch our talent display and after mine, they congratulated me and told me “Rosabelle after your studies try Nollywood cos you belong there” I took it seriously, and here I am years later, but I look towards a bigger picture though.

EA: Would you describe the experience of working in Nollywood?

RI: Working in Nollywood for me has been lots of fun, adventure, scary, motivational, inspiring, challenging, and above all rewarding.

EA: Who, would you say, are you biggest influences in your life and career?

RI: Well God has been really faithful cos his blessings are infinite. My parents are just d best, yes at times they can be parents but over the years they’ve been great listeners and wonderful supporters, and my greatest fans both in life and in my career. The next is my Director, Obinna Ukeaze. I met him in the course of a job through a production manager. Meeting him was my no.1 miracle, he is like a second father to me. I learnt a lot about the industry through him, and he has never failed in putting me in the right track and I would always be grateful to him for managing my talent so far! The last but not least are my fans. Wow, they’ve been really supportive, without them my career would definitely be boring! Thanks guys.

EA: Which is more challenging in comparison? Acting or modeling?

RI: Every job has its perks, I won’t say one is more challenging than the next, rather I would say both are really exciting and challenging in their own way.

EA: In 2011, you were a contestant for the MBW (Miss Big World), where you finished as 1st runner up. Can you tell us how that came about, the experience, and what you’ve learned from it?

RI: Like I said earlier, I started out with modeling and after my reign as Miss Face of Culture Edo State 2008, I wanted to be daring so I came to Abuja to find a tough and bigger platform. It was really a beautiful experience, I met new people, made new friends learnt new stuff, and that alone for me was superb, it wasn’t an easy competition cos I was not as big as expected, but I was still curvy and trust me it wasn’t a run in the park, all these experiences has actually shaped me, and made me who I am today!

EA: I understand that you’re also a writer. Is there a book, or more books in the works?

RI: Yes I write, but mostly poetry. I’ve a couple of poems stashed, I don’t know if I would ever publish them, but that does not stop me from writing! So let’s keep our fingers crossed!

EA: What can we expect next from Rosabelle Iyafokhai?

RI: A lot of big things, and soon Hollywood.

EA: Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring actors and models respectively?


I thank Rosabelle for speaking with me. It was definitely a pleasure to have her share with us her thoughts on Nollywood, her overall experience in the business, those who helped shape and form her career, as well as her big future aspirations to pursue Hollywood.

As I’ve alluded to in many of my blogs, focus, patience, and perseverance are critical keys to success, but humility — as well as confidence — just may be the most critical of them all. To quote Coach Jae: “Don’t allow your skills to take you some place where your character can’t keep you.”

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