The Comedic Genius of “Psychic” C.B. Walker

Edward Anthony
3 min readJul 17, 2020


He had a public-access television show called the Flaccid Ego Show in New York that ran from 2005–09. He has been on YouTube since 2007 posting clips from the show, but until two weekends ago, I never heard of this guy. I happened to be on YouTube watching another clip when I happened to scroll down the page and noticed a thumbnail for a 10 minute video that stated: Psychic gets non-stop prank calls…Hilarious.

It’s videos like this that ties into why I view him as a comedic genius, but I’ll get to that in a little bit. I watched the video, and I was laughing my behind off. I decided to look for more videos, and before I knew it, I spent most of that weekend (when I was on the YouTube page) watching his videos.

I found out his name is Dario Preister, but he’s mostly known as “psychic” C.B. Walker. Initially, I was in a gray area regarding his validity. What I mean by that is I wasn’t sure if he actually fancied himself as a legitimate psychic as some imposters have over the years or if this was some sort of comedy act. I remember thinking either way, he’s funny as hell.

As I continued to watch, I heard some crazy prank calls from callers, and his hilarious responses to them such as hanging up on them — at least 95 percent of them deserved it — or making sardonic remarks. Later that night, I saw a clip someone posted from what apparently was his final episode that revealed just how much of a comedic genius he is, and the masterful way he pulled it off.

What do I mean? He’s the ultimate troll. The whole thing was a put-on; a glorified comedy sketch, so to speak. He had a bunch of prank callers ringing the phone non-stop every Friday night thinking they were trolling him, when he was trolling them the entire time. He did this for four years.

He showed just how weird and kooky a lot of people are, and how there’s a lot down low dudes out there. Most of the calls were from men calling him just to say “fuck you,” or telling him to blow them, yet had the audacity to question his sexuality. More examples would be one caller said he wanted to hump C.B.’s mother, and another said he was having family issues and was concerned that his sister wanted to do him. His reactions and responses to all this over the years was freaking hilarious.

The downside to some of this is there were some people who called who were sincere, but I would say at maximum that was about 10 percent — honestly, I say more like 5 percent, but I’ll go with 10 to be fair. Majority of the time it was jackasses calling him to say off-the-wall things or make homosexual references. A few women made prank calls as well, but it was mostly men.

I scroll through the comment sections of videos, whether it’s his or others who have posted his material, and I see people practically begging him to make a comeback. Like I said, prior to two weeks ago, I never heard of this dude, but I’m glad that I’ve found his channels/videos. I’ve been watching ever since. But hey, don’t take my word for it, try some videos for yourself and see what you think.

C.B. Walker’s YouTube Page: