The Danger of Being Incorrigible: My Take on the Derrick Jaxn Situation

I’ve been hearing about the Derrick Jaxn situation concerning him “playing the field” over the past week. I wasn’t going to say anything, but something came to mind that inspired this post. I’ve heard of Jaxn’s reputation, he’s known as a mega simp by his detractors, but I’ve never watched any of his videos, so I’m going off of my understanding of how he operates, more specifically, the audience he’s speaking to because I’ve seen women post videos on social media in support of him prior to this debacle. As a matter of fact, a woman who posted one of his videos on her Facebook feed basically views herself as a “free spirit,” and him getting support from people like this gives me some insight on what his detractors are saying about him.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that enables and encourages the behavior that we see from most women nowadays, and the more “empowered” they become, the more incorrigible they become. To put it more plainly, you can’t tell them shit, and this is especially the case with most negro women. They tend to be naive and they’re very impressionable. So, based off my understanding of how he operates, you have someone — and he’s not the only one, trust me — who has found the perfect hustle: Tell women what they want to hear.

These men look at it like this: Why argue and go back and forth with them, when seeing how they are, I can come up off this? So, instead of critiquing them, knowing that anything I say will be viewed as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘misogyny,’ why not do the opposite and tell them what they want to hear, what makes them comfortable and make a killing off of it? It’s underhanded, but not illegal. Not saying that I endorse this, not at all. I think it’s a hustle; I think he knows deep down what he’s telling them is bullshit, but to be straight-up with them would, as some would say, “bust his hustle.”

As far as women go — well, the ones who fit this description, if doesn’t apply, let it fly, simple as that — this is the danger of being incapable of being critiqued or worse, thinking you’re above reproach. Quick side note: By “critique,” I mean constructive criticism/honest and fair critique, with no disrespectful or derogatory names being used. There are plenty of guys like this out here — again, he’s not the only one, he’s just one of the few who managed to take it to the next level — who are taking advantage of you and leading you astray.




Writer. Novelist. Editor. Blogger. Self-Help YouTuber.

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Edward Anthony

Edward Anthony

Writer. Novelist. Editor. Blogger. Self-Help YouTuber.

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