The Skeptical and Creative Aspects of the Outer Space Narratives

Edward Anthony
3 min readAug 24, 2021


For me, when I think of space, one of the things I think of is all the theories that science has created for centuries, generations. The talk of different of planets being in existence, claims of landing on the moon…or Mars, the sightings of UFOs, and so on. The biggest of these theories is of course, the Big Bang Theory.

For decades, people have debated the validity of these claims, although the term “theory” should clue them in that the majority of what has been put out here is debatable. As you read this into, clearly you can see I’m on the side of the skeptics. To me, whether it’s science or religion, no one knows for sure how we and everything came to existence, it’s a bunch of theories — nothing factual, no concrete or tangible evidence.

As for religion, I’ll save that for something else I’m working on, that’s irrelevant to this topic, but going back to the Big Bang Theory, I refuse to believe that two rocks came together and had meteor sex, so to speak, and voila! Here we are. There’s no tangible evidence of them landing on these different planets, although they will do things such as take a photo with some galactic/outer space looking background and claim that they have been to and fro.

It reminds me of the archeologists who find these rocks and claim it’s thousands of years old, and no one asks the basic, fundamental question: How do you know? They look the part with the uniforms, they sound intelligent and (apparently) convincing, so hardly anyone will question their “findings” or “discoveries.”

Although technology is far more advanced now than in previous years, there were ways of using special effects to make things appear certain way, whether it was on TV or on photos, so how do we know that’s not the case? However, the majority won’t question it. I mean, the talk of people going out of space alone. This may sound funny, but think about it: where do they get the fuel to go, stay suspended in outer space that long, then come back?

Some might argue the footage from cameras, but how do you know that they’re not in another country or in the outskirts of some town? What the camera shows is usually limited, so again, how do you know for sure they’re on another planet? What concrete evidence do you have of there being life on other planets or if there are other planets?

I think it makes for great entertainment and creative writing, which are the reasons why I dabble into it, but I don’t take it seriously. Speaking of creative writing and outer space, and being a creative writer myself, that takes me to the end of this intro, and into a synopsis I came up with for an outer space story called Cyber Force — well, that’s the name for the time being.

Cyber Force

On the planet Nexus, ages after the Great Battle, an impending tyrant Warmonger has taken on the path of his ancestors to wreak havoc and take over Nexus. This threat causes the awakening of three legendary warriors of Optimum — a cybernetic race — from out of their centuries-long cryo sleep. Ultimum, Metallic, and Beyonca returns to once again fight and maintain the integrity of the Nexus, to keep Warmonger from seizing control.